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65010Re: python3 and multibyte strings

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  • lilydjwg
    May 6, 2012
      On Sat, May 05, 2012 at 03:25:28AM -0700, Stanislav Kondratyev wrote:
      > Hello!
      > I’m reposting this issue from vim_multibyte thanks to John Beckett's
      > kind advice.
      > I was experimenting with the python3 interface and I stumbled upon the
      > following phenomenon. Suppose the cursor is in the string
      > абвгдеёжзийклмнопрстуфхцчшщъыьэюя
      > in a utf-8 encoded file. I run the following commands:
      > :py3 import vim
      > :py3 vim.current.line = vim.current.line
      > Surprisingly last 16½ of 33 characters disappear.
      > The same effect can be produced e. g. with
      > :py3 l = vim.current.line
      > :py3 vim.current.line = l
      > However, the string l can be correctly printed and sent to vim via
      > vim.command and setline. Hence I conclude that the transition from vim
      > to python does not cause any loss of information. On the contrary,
      > when the string is being passed from python to vim, vim (or python?)
      > calculates that it is 33 ‘units’ long and copies 33 *bytes*.
      > Experiments with less appaulling accented Latin letters show the same
      > effect. For example,
      > when the command
      > :py3 vim.current.line = vim.current.line
      > is applied to the line ‘aàáâãä', it yields
      > aàá<c3>
      > I’m running vim 7.3 on Windows 7.
      > I’d like to find out whether this is a common effect and whether there
      > exists an elegant way of changing multibyte strings from python3.
      > Any help is appreciated. :)
      > Stanislav

      I can't reproduce it on Windows XP with cp936 and Linux with UTF-8 locale.
      What's the value of your 'encoding' option and the exact version of your

      Best regards,

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