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64691Re: status of tests in src/testdir?

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  • David Pope
    Apr 8, 2012
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      On Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 9:38 AM, Bram Moolenaar <Bram@...> wrote:

      David Pope wrote:
      Separately, in order to get three of the tests to complete, I had to change
      > the following line in Make_dos.mak:
      >  fixff:
      >         -$(VIMPROG) -u dos.vim --noplugin "+argdo set ff=dos|upd" +q *.in
      > *.ok
      > -       -$(VIMPROG) -u dos.vim --noplugin "+argdo set ff=unix|upd" +q
      > dotest.in
      > +       -$(VIMPROG) -u dos.vim --noplugin "+argdo set ff=unix|upd" +q
      > dotest.in test60.ok test71.ok test74.ok
      > These three tests output in ff=unix, either explicitly (test 60) or
      > implicitly (tests 71, 74), so the diff fails.  Do they run without
      > modifications for you?

      That modification should not be necessary, since the line just above it
      includes "*.ok" and should fix all .ok files.  Perhaps you are using a
      make that expands wildcards and then runs into the maximum line length?

      The first line in the target sets the ff to 'dos' for all the .ok files, but tests 60, 71, and 74 generate files with ff=unix, so the diff fails due to the line endings not matching.  test60 actually has the command ':set ff=unix' immediately before ':w'.  test74 uses ':redir' without setting ff, causing the output file to be generated with ff=unix.  test71 does some gnarly encryption stuff that I haven't tried to follow too closely yet.

      My change above switches those three .ok files _back_ to ff=unix so the tests pass; I looked at other options but they were more invasive.

      My procedure:
      1. Build vim in the src directory with 'nmake -f Make_mvc.mak FEATURES=HUGE MBYTE=yes'
      2. Run tests in the testdir directory with 'nmake -f Make_dos.mak clean', followed by 'nmake -f Make_dos.mak'.

      Nazri, can you check that those three tests are running and succeeding for you?  I'm mystified as to what might be going wrong.  Maybe the build options have some impact on the default fileformat?  Based on the 'set ff=unix' command in test60.in, I don't see how it could succeed after the 'fixff' target has been run, unless the diff utility ignores line endings.

      -- Dave

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