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64617[patch] Fix Windows symbolic link removal and file attribute handling

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  • David Pope
    Mar 31, 2012
      Here's an updated version of the patch.

        1. Saving a file opened via a symbolic link on Windows (Vista and 7) destroys the symbolic link and replaces it with a copy of the file.
        2. There is also some odd attribute handling with symbolic links; they appear as readonly.

        1. Create a file foo.txt with some text.
        2. Create a symbolic link 'link.txt' pointing at foo.txt (run as administrator):  mklink link.txt .\foo.txt
        3. Open link.txt in vim and verify that it shows the contents of foo.txt.
            Bug 1:  Notice that the file is flagged as read-only, even though it is not.
        4. Make some changes and force-save the file with :w!
        5. Exit vim and check the contents of the directory
            Bug 2:  The symbolic link has been removed and replaced with the edited contents of the file.

      David Pope

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