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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jan 5, 2012
      Olaf wrote:

      > On Wed 04 Jan 2012 at 10:42:35 -0200, Niels Horn wrote:
      > > So, maybe technically "Netherlands" is correct, but the large majority
      > > of the rest of this planet will always call it "Holland" :)
      > My personal reason for prefering The Netherlands, or variants of that,
      > is that Holland would refer only to two of the 12 provinces of the
      > country (Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland or North and South Holland). And
      > I don't live in either of them. It's like calling Great Britain England.
      > Historically the two Hollands are among the most "important" provinces
      > because that's more or less where the impressive people came from when,
      > a few centuries ago, history was written. Zeeland was another one. Most
      > of the rest has a convoluted history of what belonged to who. And of
      > course Holland seems to be easier to pronounce than The Ne Ther Lands :-)

      Wikipedia sums it up quite nicely:

      Holland is a name in common usage given to a region in the western
      part of the Netherlands. The term Holland is also frequently used as
      a pars pro toto to refer to the whole of the Netherlands. This usage
      is generally accepted but disliked by many Dutch people in the other
      parts of the Netherlands.

      It's funny that many people who live in the Netherlands would not deny
      being a Hollander, even if they do not live in North- or South-Holland.
      And especially during a soccer match against Germany :-).

      Arthur pulls Pin out. The MONK blesses the grenade as ...
      ARTHUR: (quietly) One, two, five ...
      GALAHAD: Three, sir!
      ARTHUR: Three.
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