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63638Re: RFC: Shipping parts of vimerl (Erlang addon for Vim) with Vim

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jan 4, 2012
      Per Andersson wrote:

      > I intend to package vimerl [0] for Debian (current WIP at [1]). The addon vimerl
      > consist of
      > * autoload (omni code completion)
      > * compiler
      > * ftplugin (code folding)
      > * indent
      > * plugin (boiler plate template code for erlang behaviours)
      > * syntax
      > I see that old versions of the syntax and indent plugins are in the Vim already.
      > Is it possible to include parts of vimerl in Vim? At least the parts
      > that are already
      > there but outdated?
      > I suggest that ftplugin, indent, and syntax parts of vimerl should be
      > included in Vim,
      > and then I will package the rest of vimerl (autoload, compiler, and
      > plugin) for Debian.
      > (The parts autoload and compiler has Erlang code in them and I assume
      > that is out
      > of scope for Vim.)
      > Any other suggestions are most welcome!
      > Please let me know if I can help out with this in some way.
      > [0] http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=3743
      > [1] http://sigsucc.se/debian/packages/vim-vimerl/

      To include files with the Vim distribution the maintainer has to send
      the file to me. All the files you appear to fall under the normal
      runtime files, except perhaps the plugin.

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