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63625RE: z/OS Unix Fixes And Binaries for vim 7.3

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  • Bovy, Stephen
    Jan 3, 2012
      I have been working on building z/OS Binaries

      I have discovered a few bugs in the source tree for vim7.3 which I have attempted to
      Communicate and discuss on this list

      I have published my (fixes) in a verbal fashion on this list

      >> How can I make sure those fixes get merged into the source tree ??

      I would also like to donate my efforts (binaries) as a package to be available for others

      >> How are unix binaries packaged and distributed ??

      Is there a mechanism for creating and donating a binary installation package for a unix platform

      z/OS is somewhat unique because there is no deb or rpm Ect. Ect. On z/OS

      On z/OS we have pax and tar that's about it , and we also have problems with man pages

      Because nroff troff groff are not part of the unix standard thus ibm has refused to recognize a need to
      Port and support

      Now (sorry) I have to make a small rant here :)

      When developers use (tools) that are not standard ( is it not incumbent upon the developer ) to include that
      (tool) in the install package ??

      On windows that has always been the way things are done

      Developers should not (as - su -me) that a nonstandard tool will always exist on the target installation platform !!!

      Hey this is a nit-pick-rank so please forgive me for expressing my frustrated opinion

      On the other hand IBM is being obnoxiously hypocritical and dis-ingenious by claiming 100% unix compatibility and Unix Label by adhering
      minimalistically to a simplistically insufficient and legalistically defined "standard"

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