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63231Re: Gvim on Windows doesn't remember its position and size

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  • Jürgen Krämer
    Nov 29, 2011

      Дмитрий Франк wrote:
      > Sorry that so long.
      > I have been using Gvim 7.3 without any patches, and negative values on it wasn't work. I have installed Gvim from www.vim.org <http://www.vim.org> recently, and its behavior is better, but anyway doesn't work as it should work.
      > To make Gvim full-screen in my left monitor, i need to do the following:
      > 1) :winpos -1684 -4
      > 2) :set lines=67
      > 3) :set columns=237
      > 1) i do:
      > :winpos -1684 -4
      > Gvim correctly stays on the proper place.
      > 2) i do:
      > :set lines=67
      > And then Gvim changes its winpos to 0 0 again!

      Whenever you set the 'lines' or 'columns' option to a new value GVim
      tries to make sure that all lines and columns are visible on the screen
      (at least this seems to be the case on Windows).

      > So, it allows to set negative values to :winpos, but setting lines or columns resets winpos.

      Just switch the order of your commands

      1) :set lines=67
      2) :set columns=237
      3) :winpos -1684 -4


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