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  • Ernie Rael
    Nov 1, 2011
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      On 10/31/2011 2:59 PM, Christian Brabandt wrote:
      > On Mo, 31 Okt 2011, Ernie Rael wrote:
      >> It's similar, but a list of chars that need escaping is more flexible.
      >> I could specify that '(' needs to be escaped to mean grouping and that
      >> '?' does not need to be escaped to mean optional. Using the list could
      >> be dependent on the "magic-ness of a pattern".
      > Hm, interesting concept. Attached is a simple script to try out.
      > Use
      > :let g:re_dont_escape = '()|?'
      > to specify which chars have a special meaning and don't need to be
      > escaped (only for using the literal version). So in this example, '()
      > wouldn't need to be escaped for grouping, '|' means OR and '?' means
      > optional match.
      > When searching, press<f7> to translate the pattern into a vim pattern.
      > It basically only adds/removes the backslashes (so you need to know all
      > vim specific atoms, like '\@<=' and can't use e.g. Perl look-arounds).
      > Disclaimer, only very basically tested.
      > regards,
      > Christian
      Thanks Christian and Andy.

      I'm on vacation now, won't be giving this any play until after next
      week. But it looks like some pros are working it over.


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