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62956Re: Possible typo in doc

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Oct 25, 2011
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      On 26/10/11 01:50, Ricardo Catalinas Jiménez wrote:
      > I think I just spot a cosmetic defect in `:help :doautocmd', in the
      > given example:
      > ...
      > another extension. Example: >
      > :au Bufenter *.cpp so ~/.vimrc_cpp
      > :au Bufenter *.cpp doau BufEnter x.c
      > Be careful to avoid endless loops. See
      > ...
      > Should be Bufenter -> BufEnter, just to keep the quality of the Vim doc :-)

      Yes and no.

      The help usually uses BufEnter, BufRead, FileType, VimLeave, etc., but
      (see ":help {event}") event names are case-insensitive, you can use
      bufenter, BufEnter, Bufenter, BUFENTER, or even BuFeNtEr, and the result
      will be the same in all cases.

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