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62950Re: HOME variable in cmd.exe for vim compiled in an UNIX-like environment

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  • Fabian Greffrath
    Oct 25, 2011
      Am 24.10.2011 10:51, schrieb Fabian Greffrath:
      > However, there are two more things that I don't understand in the face
      > of your reply.

      And today I think I can give answer to both of my questions myself. It
      turns out to be a bit tricky to debug code by means of printf()s when
      you have just closed all your standard file decriptors. ;) And when I
      keep one of them open to print debug messages, the bug does not occur
      anymore. I think this is called a Heisenbug. ;)

      Well, I have helped myself by open()ing files which have line numbers
      as their file names and it turns out that sh.exe is indeed the
      culprit. It hangs and does not return from the execvp() around line
      4130 in os_unix.c, which is in the child process after fork() has been
      invoked. As a consequence the waitpid() in the parent process hangs,
      too, and Windows decides to terminate the process. So or similar.

      Trying to find out today what makes the shell hang...

      - Fabian

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