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62926Re: HOME variable in cmd.exe for vim compiled in an UNIX-like environment

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Oct 22 9:04 AM
      Fabian Greffrath wrote:

      > Am 02.06.2011 17:07, schrieb Bram Moolenaar:
      > > Where does Vim crash when homedir is NULL? That should be fixed.
      > I have investigated this crash a bit further and tailored it down to a
      > completely unrelated issue. It is just that vim takes a completely
      > different code path depending on whether a HOME directory is set and
      > whether it succeeds to call a shell or not (i.e. sh is in PATH). this
      > is why I first suspected the missing HOME variable to be the culprit,
      > but it isn't.
      > Remember, I had the problem that vim compiled in an MSYS environment
      > crashes when started from a cmd.exe shell when both (a) HOME is not
      > set (which is quite common in a cmd.exe shell) and (b) sh.exe is found
      > in PATH (i.e. it works with zsh-nt but not with MSYS's bash).
      > I can perfectly start vim under the aforementioned conditions if I
      > comment out the line calling "fclose(stderr);" in src/os_unix.c around
      > line 3994, that's function mch_call_shell() with (!pipe_error) && (pid
      > == 0). The code block which contains the malicious line is introduced
      > with the following paragraph:
      > > * Don't want to show any message from the shell. Can't just
      > > * close stdout and stderr though, because some systems will
      > > * break if you try to write to them after that, so we must
      > > * use dup() to replace them with something else -- webb
      > > * Connect stdin to /dev/null too, so ":n `cat`" doesn't hang,
      > > * waiting for input.
      > And this is exactly what happens, both stdout and stderr are closed
      > and the system breaks afterwards. The following calls to dup() aren't
      > even reached. How can I circumvent this breakage? It seems that
      > cmd.exe needs to have at least one file decriptor open?

      Hmm, keep in mind you are using code written for Unix on MS-Windows.
      That's never going to work perfectly.

      Perhaps a few #ifdefs will make the code work for MS-Windows. I do hope
      we can keep that to a minimum though, otherwise it gets messy.

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