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62770Re: racket (:mz) SEGV's vim

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Oct 5, 2011
      Tim Brown wrote:

      > Please find attached a patch for the following issue:
      > :mzscheme could be invoked before the mzscheme/racket libraries were
      > initialised, e.g. in startup scripts and on the command line.
      > Therefore the following would SEGV:
      > vim +':mz 1'
      > Even though:
      > :mz 1
      > works when editing a file.
      > mzscheme expects to be invoked by a "trampoline" that wraps around the
      > main() of the embedding environment -- and this trampoline is around
      > main_loop().
      > exe_pre_commands() and source_startup_scripts() are outside the scope
      > of the trampoline.
      > This patch causes main() to be called in two parts. The first part
      > sets up vim's environment and globals, but does not execute any vim
      > commands (as far as I can tell). It then calls to mzscheme_init, which
      > eventually recurs into main(); which skips the initialisation, and
      > proceeds with anything that may perform commands.
      > Notes:
      > * I pass fname and params between invocations of main() through the
      > static variables save_mz_fname and save_mz_params. There is
      > justification at the top of main() for doing so. I'm not so keen on
      > statics, myself -- so I've not re-declared fname and params
      > themselves.
      > * The other option would be to split main into two parts -- an
      > "initialisation" and a "commands" part. Then start up vim with:
      > main(argc, argv)
      > calls mzscheme_init(argc, argv, fname, params)
      > calls ... main_part2(argc, argv, fname, params)
      > [or, in the case of !FEAT_MZSCHEME: main(argc,argv) calls
      > main_part2(argc, argv, fname, params)]
      > I think I've done enough in main already! And, unless there is more
      > general merit in such a refactoring, this is as much disruption as I
      > need to cause :-)
      > Thanks Sergey and Bram for your help!

      Thanks for the patch, I'll put it on the todo list.

      Is the configure change that was previously send also needed?

      Don't read everything you believe.

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