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62762Re: racket (:mz) SEGV's vim

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  • Sergey Khorev
    Oct 4, 2011
      > Improving stability -- the trampoline has to be split so that a
      > certain degree of initialisation can occur.
      > This has necessitated (in this iteration) that:
      >  static char_u *fname = NULL;
      >    static mparm_T      params;
      >    static int          i;
      > Are all statics (is this OK -- or is there a better way of doing this?).

      Sorry, I cannot see why fname should be static, maybe because the
      patch is incomplete? Can you do "diff -cr" to compare all the files,
      also it will make it simpler to apply the patch. If you use Mercurial
      "hg diff" should do it as well.
      Anyway this looks quite promising.

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