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62747Re: racket (:mz) SEGV's vim

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  • Tim Brown
    Oct 4, 2011

      Thanks for your help so far.

      On 3 October 2011 17:39, Sergey Khorev <sergey.khorev@...> wrote:
      >> could you confirm to me that:
      >> vim +':mz #f'
      >> works with racket-5.1.3
      >> It still cores on me. As does racket-5.0.1
      > Ah, got you!
      > :mz from command line does not and will not work with any versions
      > newer than 3.x. Once Vim has initialised everything should work as
      > expected.

      Unfortunately, this is just a test case, and the +":mz #f" on the
      command line isn't actually what I want to do. I'm trying to put
      together a "syntax" which adds all of the racket keywords (which IMO,
      only racket would know) as :syntax... keywords.

      (In fact: http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=3757)

      Unfortunately, it is not the case that "Vim has initialised
      everything" as I am loading my first racket file which then tries to
      :source/:runtime the vim script via an :autocmd

      In fact, I have to wait until the file is loaded and displayed to me.
      *Then* (and this is the bit I deeply resent) I have to souce the file
      myself! (OK, so it's mapped to a key, but there's a principle here).

      So I have two questions for you:
      * What is wrong with the way vim starts up that it is not ready to
      invoke :mzscheme on a command line, vim -u, syntax load or :autocmd?
      * When, technically has "Vim ... initialised everything"?

      > In principle someone adventurous might refactor Vim startup code to fix this...

      How adventurous?
      How much of this is at the vim end?
      How much of this is at the if_mzscheme/racket end?


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