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62720Re: racket (:mz) SEGV's vim

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  • Sergey Khorev
    Oct 1, 2011
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      >> Can you recommend a working pair of vim/racket versions (from source)
      >> to get me going in the meantime?
      > MzScheme 4.x and Racket 5.0.1 should work for Vim 7.3.49+

      Actually 5.1.3 has worked for me out of the box (I installed it from
      Racket PPA on Ubuntu).
      The only change needed is below (looks like PPA creator decided to use
      /usr/share to store collects):
      diff -r fb6b43d55773 src/auto/configure
      --- a/src/auto/configure Fri Sep 30 18:35:57 2011 +0200
      +++ b/src/auto/configure Sat Oct 01 17:25:02 2011 +0300
      @@ -4935,6 +4935,10 @@
      if test -d $vi_cv_path_mzscheme_pfx/lib/racket/collects; then
      + else
      + if test -d $vi_cv_path_mzscheme_pfx/share/racket/collects; then
      + SCHEME_COLLECTS=share/racket/
      + fi
      if test -f
      ; then

      Sergey Khorev
      Can anybody think of a good tagline I can steal?

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