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62363Re: manpageview rating dive

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  • Benjamin R. Haskell
    Sep 1, 2011
      On Wed, 31 Aug 2011, Charles Campbell wrote:

      > Charles Campbell wrote:
      >> Hello!
      >> I recently checked my plugins' ratings:
      >> 08/09/11 script 677/279/10776: Manpageview.vim
      >> 08/31/11 script -133/1094/10866: Manpageview.vim
      >> This seems like an odd thing -- is this preparation for a general
      >> bombing of plugins' ratings?
      > I should explain this a bit more. The rating for Manpageview on
      > August 9, 2011 was 677, with 279 people having rated it, and 10776
      > having downloaded it.
      > On August 31, 2011, the rating was -133, 1094 people having rated it,
      > and 10866 having downloaded it.
      > It is odd that Manpageview received -810 in karma when there were only
      > 90 additional downloaders over that time period. Did irc have a
      > anti-Chip attack? Is someone testing a bot to destroy multiple
      > plugins' ratings?

      Can't find it currently, but someone mentioned in the not-so-distant
      past that some search engine(s) grabbed the down-vote URL when crawling
      www.vim.org. In this case, googling:

      site:www.vim.org inurl:unfulfilling

      (where 'unfulfilling' is the 'rating' value for a down-vote) comes up
      with exactly one result for me:

      ManPageView - Viewer for manpages, gnu info, perldoc, and php …

      With the link: (...'s to prevent clicking)


      And I may have accidentally just downvoted it myself, by hovering over
      the result (which pops up a preview).

      Seems like the ratings should only use $_POST (PHP var), but they appear
      to be using $_GET, too.


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