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62334No need to scroll down at ex_function.

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  • mattn
    Aug 30, 2011
      Hi bram.

      When, add following into runtime path,

      --- plugin/foo.vim ---
      cnoremap <expr> <c-u> foo#toupper()

      --- autoload/foo.vim ---
      function! foo#toupper()
        let cmdline = getcmdline()
        return repeat("\<bs>", len(cmdline)) . toupper(cmdline)

      typing ":foo<c-u>" make command line scroll down like following


      it should be following


      in eval.c, ex_function is set msg_scroll while evaluating. but i guess that it isn't needed.
      i checked following cases.

      1. ":function" in command line

          $vim -u NONE -U NONE
          :set nocp
          :function Foo()
          :    echo "foo"
          :    endfunction

      2. ":source foo.vim" that include function command.

      Below is a patch. please check and include.


      - Yasuhiro Matsumoto

      diff -r ba9f075a347d src/eval.c
      --- a/src/eval.c Sun Aug 28 16:02:28 2011 +0200
      +++ b/src/eval.c Wed Aug 31 10:42:00 2011 +0900
      @@ -20786,7 +20786,6 @@
           nesting = 0;
           for (;;)
      - msg_scroll = TRUE;
        need_wait_return = FALSE;
        sourcing_lnum_off = sourcing_lnum;

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