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61802RE: [Bug][w32] Completion for "filetype" doesn't work on windows

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  • John Beckett
    Jun 25, 2011
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      Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      > Dominique Pellé wrote:
      >> Thanks John. You're probably right about the {dir1,dir2} glob
      >> expression not being portable.
      >> Attached patch avoids such glob expression and should thus be
      >> more portable. I can only test it on Linux so I would
      >> appreciate if someone else can confirm that it fixes the bug
      >> on Windows.
      > Thats looks better than my workaround. But it should be tested.

      I tested Dominique's patch and it applied and ran cleanly.

      Each completion in my previous email worked fine (i.e. the patch
      makes filetype completion work on Windows).

      The 'make test' equivalent on Windows runs all tests successfully.

      Dominque's patch has a typo in a comment (repeated word):
      dirnames may contain multiple multiple directories.

      In case it is not known (I am not complaining), note that
      compiling gvim on Windows with the old MSVC 6.0 gives an error
      for gui_w32.c since 'HandleToLong' is undefined. HandleToLong
      was introduced in patch 7.3.206.


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