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61787RE: [Bug][w32] Completion for "filetype" doesn't work on windows

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jun 25 3:14 PM
      John Beckett wrote:

      > Dominique Pellé wrote:
      > > It works for me on Linux too. I don't have Windows to test.
      > > I don't see why it would not work on Windows at first sight.
      > I have just performed some tests on Windows XP:
      > These work (pressing Tab provides argument completion):
      > :command! -nargs=* -complete=file Xfil :echo <q-args>
      > :command! -nargs=* -complete=syntax Xsyn :echo <q-args>
      > :command! -nargs=* -complete=environment Xenv :echo <q-args>
      > This fails (pressing Tab for completion does nothing):
      > :command! -nargs=* -complete=filetype Xft :echo <q-args>
      > The reason filetype completion fails on Windows is that
      > dos_expandpath() in misc1.c is asked to expand text like
      > "C:\.../vimfiles/{syntax,indent,ftplugin}/*.vim".
      > The "{dir1,dir2}" syntax is handled by the operating system on
      > Unix based systems, but not on Windows.

      Right. A simplistic solution would be:

      if (xp->xp_context == EXPAND_FILETYPE)
      # ifndef UNIX
      /* don't assume glob() works, syntax should have nearly all filetypes */
      return ExpandRTDir(pat, num_file, file, "syntax");
      # else
      return ExpandRTDir(pat, num_file, file, "{syntax,indent,ftplugin}");
      # endif

      Can you think of something better?

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