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61579Re: Fix bug: %s/get_foo/ /g inserts "et_foo" not "get_foo"

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  • Andy Wokula
    Jun 6, 2011
      Am 06.06.2011 20:49, schrieb Ben Fritz:
      > On Jun 6, 10:09 am, tyru<tyru....@...> wrote:
      >> Hi list.
      >> Attached patch fixed the problem.
      > What problem?<C-R><C-W> in the command line always works fine for me.

      I see, it's the normal ^R^W that picks "get_foo" from the text.

      Problem arises if the interesting word (or a prefix of it) is already
      found at the end of the cmdline. Try then ^R^W in the middle of the

      In this case, the prefix is "g" and ^R^W gets you "et_foo".

      Help for ^R^W says the feature was meant to complete a word for
      'incsearch' (when the cursor is expected to be at the end of the


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