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61575Re: HOME variable in cmd.exe for vim compiled in an UNIX-like environment

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  • Fabian Greffrath
    Jun 6, 2011
      Am 02.06.2011 17:07, schrieb Bram Moolenaar:
      > It's perfectly OK for homedir to be NULL. Setting it to any random
      > directory is not a good idea.

      You are perfectly right!

      I have copied MSYS's vim.exe (and the dynamic libs it depends on) into
      a separate directory. In a cmd.exe shell, I chdir into this directory
      and "set HOME=" and "set PATH=". If I then start vim, it complains
      twice that it "Cannot execute shell sh" and that it "Cannot expand
      wildcards" and forces me to "Press ENTER" but then continues without
      further complaints.

      If I leave both environment variables unset and I now copy MSYS's
      sh.exe (i.e. a hard link to bash.exe) into this directory, vim.exe
      crashes at start.

      If I set HOME back to something reasonable, vim.exe starts
      successfully and merely complains that it cannot find its syntax.vim
      file (I have "syntax on" in my $HOME/.vimrc).

      > Where does Vim crash when homedir is NULL? That should be fixed.

      However, since vim starts without crashing when HOME is unset and
      sh.exe is *absent*, I think it's not an issue in vim.exe itself, but
      maybe in the way it invokes the shell. The sh.exe I just copied over
      from MSYS starts just fine even if HOME is unset...

      - Fabian

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