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61265Re: Logo / Icon contribution

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  • Andy Spencer
    May 6, 2011
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      On 2011-05-02 03:02, Tim Cuthbertson wrote:
      > I love vim, but must admit to not being so fond of the fairly old
      > looking icon. I recently created a new logo for my own use, and would
      > be more than happy if you'd like to use it for an actual app icon or
      > logo.

      Overall, I like it, the style is good, I like the background especially.
      I do have a couple suggestions though.

      Mostly, the V just doesn't seem to stand out as well as in the old logo,
      there could be a couple reasons for this:

      - The overall contrast of your new logo is much less than the original.
      This is a bit more noticeable when looking at greyscale versions of
      the logos [1]. The outlines and highlights in particular. Likewise the
      bright spot on the background seems almost brighter than the V itself.

      [1] http://andy753421.ath.cx/linked/vim-new.png

      - The dot on the i, and the top of the im in general, are very prominent
      features of your logo. I like the im style, but I don't think it
      should be more prominent than the V. On lower res images it might be
      worth getting rid of the im entirely, like the how the macvim logo has
      been done.

      Lastly, the shading on the V just seems a little bit off. It's hard for
      me to tell what it's trying to do, is it supposed to be a 3D chiseled
      effect? It looks like it except some off the relief on the vertical
      doesn't look realistic. I think I like the "raised plate" look from the
      macvim icon a little better for that.

      Well, that's probably more feedback than you wanted, it does look good
      though :)
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