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  • Gary Johnson
    May 3, 2011
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      On 2011-05-03, Tim Cuthbertson wrote:
      > On May 3, 8:18 am, "Christian J. Robinson" wrote:
      > > On Mon, 2 May 2011, Tim Cuthbertson wrote:
      > > > I love vim, but must admit to not being so fond of the fairly old
      > > > looking icon. I recently created a new logo for my own use, and
      > > > would be more than happy if you'd like to use it for an actual app
      > > > icon or logo.
      > >
      > > I like this icon, but my problem is that it looks increasingly poor as
      > > it is scaled down in size.  The small size on my taskbar looks
      > > significantly worse than the default icon.
      > >
      > > - Christian
      > Yes, that is a problem. I am not too concerned about it for my own
      > personal use (I never see it smaller than ~86px), but I expect smaller
      > variants would need to be created which increased contrast / line
      > width for better representation at smaller sizes. If required I can
      > have a go at doing this (or others can, the .svg is the original
      > inkscape source), but I'd rather not bother if nobody is going to
      > actually use it.

      I do like the looks of your design, but I have no need for large
      icons. I cover my desktop with windows. The icons I use are in the
      panel/taskbar and measure about 24x24. They need to be uniquely
      identifiable and should look nice at that size.

      The tiny icon used in the Windows Quick Launch, for example, is
      crisp and easy to identify. In contrast, the icon that appears in
      the Fedora 11 panel is an unreadable blue-green blob that I've
      learned to associate with gvim only through frequent use.


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