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61218Re: Logo / Icon contribution

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  • Ben Schmidt
    May 3, 2011
      >>> I love vim, but must admit to not being so fond of the fairly old
      >>> looking icon. I recently created a new logo for my own use, and
      >>> would be more than happy if you'd like to use it for an actual app
      >>> icon or logo.

      I quite like the icon, too. I agree the old one (which in recent times, I've only
      seen in Windows), looks a bit dated if nothing else.

      Another icon to look at/consider/etc. is the MacVim icon which, likewise, tried to
      modernise the old Vim icon somewhat, and I think did quite well. Can't remember
      when it was done, who did it, or anything. But it has been rendered at multiple
      sizes, and there are scripts that also create document icons with the MacVim badge
      and file extension printed on them for different file types. AFAIK, pretty much
      everything needed for this is in the MacVim git repository. The icon format is
      Mac-specific, I think, but it could probably be converted if other platforms would
      like to use it. I'm sure people are free to.


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