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60573Re: [PATCH] Pipes for win32 vim

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  • Vincent Berthoux
    Feb 28, 2011
      Hmm I didn't think about it, but I think I can do something by using
      the 'shelltemp' option, as the meaning more or less match the use of
      pipe, if we don't use pipes. We can show the command window as usual
      if 'shelltemp' is off, this way remaining backward compatible with the
      current behavior.

      I'm going to investigate and send an updated patch

      Le 28 févr. 2011 à 22:05, Bram Moolenaar a écrit :

      > Vincent Berthoux wrote:
      >> This patch implement a pipe mechanism for the Win32 version of vim,
      >> it's benefits are :
      >> - No more temporary files for filtering
      >> - No console window opening while launching a shell command
      >> - Command results are directly displayed in the GVim window.
      >> With this patch, gvim behave the same way as gvim in Linux/Mac OS with
      >> regard to the shell.
      >> Tested on : Windows7 x64 - GVim
      > Nice.
      > One reason to use a console is that some programs don't work without
      > one. In rare cases it may cause the system to crash. I'm not sure how
      > often this still happens with the check that you included, but perhaps
      > it also requires an option so that the user can switch off pipes when
      > they are not wanted? Either globally or something that can be selected
      > per command.
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