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59547RE: windows bug: filewritable() returns 0 if we use it on the current script being read

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  • John Beckett
    Nov 3, 2010
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      Craig Barkhouse wrote:
      > Assuming you don't want permissive sharing when doing actual
      > I/O (I argue above that you don't), I question the value of
      > changing mch_access() in the proposed way. The point of
      > mch_access() is to give you a predictor of what types of
      > access will likely work. If the access check tells you that
      > opening the file for write will work, but then when you
      > actually open it for write (using realistic sharing values)
      > it fails, isn't this worse than what we have now?

      Although I haven't followed exactly what the OP is proposing,
      what Craig says is correct. Allowing multiple writers to the
      same file is only desirable under very planned circumstances
      which do NOT include a text editor writing to a file.


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