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59542Re: windows bug: filewritable() returns 0 if we use it on the current script being read

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  • Philippe Vaucher
    Nov 3, 2010
      > I'm pretty sure you nomally WANT to lock a file from being written,
      > while you are executing its contents as a script. It sounds like this
      > is what is happening. Is there some reason you want to write the file
      > while executing it?

      This bug arised from a script that checked wether itself was writable
      in order to decide to go and write to the parent directory or go to
      alternate routes like ~/.vim etc. If you want more details I'll be
      happy to provide them but the point is that if such behavior is
      enabled in *nix it'd also be enabled in windows or disabled in both.

      The thing I'm really after is consistency, the fix for the particular
      script was to change it to check the script's directory instead which
      works consistently on both platforms.


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