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  • Benjamin R. Haskell
    Oct 18, 2010
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      On Mon, 18 Oct 2010, Ben Fritz wrote:

      > On Oct 18, 4:43 pm, Carlo Teubner wrote:
      >> I'd be grateful for reports of any problems with the site, e.g.
      >> whether it looks bad in certain browsers, since I haven't tested it
      >> very much across browsers.
      > This page looks pretty terrible in Opera, Safari, Chrome, and IE8:
      > http://vimhelp.appspot.com/options.txt.html
      > The entire page is shifted left off the screen, and does not allow
      > scrolling to see the content. In Opera I can use the "fit page to
      > width" feature or disable CSS to view it but I think something is
      > wrong with the CSS. I apparently do not have Firefox installed on this
      > computer (I thought I did, not sure what happened there) so I did not
      > look on Firefox.

      It's the fact that the outermost content <div> has a style of:
      float: left; position: relative; left: 50%
      And the next nested <div> has a style of:
      float: left; position: relative; left: -50%

      The inner div containing most of the page's content gets pushed off to
      the left. If you decrease the size of the browser window, you can
      actually push it all the way off the left side.

      I'm not sure what the positive-percentage left offset paired with the
      identical-but-negative-percentage left offset is supposed to accomplish,
      but it doesn't seem to work with the floated divs. May as well not use
      it, as I don't think Firefox's rendering is correct, anyway. (Seems
      like there should be widths specified on one or both of the divs for the
      relative percentages to be useful.)


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