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59221Re: [PROPOSAL] new 'systemencoding' option.

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Oct 5, 2010
      Kikuchan -

      > Hi, All.
      > # I changed the subject.
      > # (it was: [patch] Add an option to specify filename encoding.)
      > I'm very sad because nobody reply to this topic... ;p
      > This is not only a problem for CJK people.
      > You can't handle filename properly in Vim
      > when filename encoding is different than 'encoding'.
      > # at least on Unix like systems.
      > This problem affects people who are using latin1 (or whatever) encoding
      > for filename and UTF8 for internal Vim 'encoding'.
      > ... Or, no one use non-unicode encoding for filename in the 21st century?

      I have not seen this subject before.

      > The patch I posted here before adds a new feature to convert filenames
      > between filename encoding on filesystem and internal 'encoding'.
      > I'm not sure but this problem may not happen on Windows,
      > because I found a lot of Unicode stuff in os_win32.c,
      > and maybe do the same thing with a different way (Win32 Wide APIs).
      > The feature should simply convert filenames only when 'systemencoding' is set,
      > and if 'systemencoding' is not set, it should do nothing as usual.
      > So, if people doesn't use non-unicode encoding for filename anymore,
      > the feature doesn't affect the people.
      > What do you think about this feature / problem, everyone?
      > Bram, could you add this *feature* to Vim if you think it's good, please?
      > # ofcourse, you don't have to use the patch.
      > And, let me know if there's something I can do.

      It makes sense to me. For Windows we indeed have code to convert
      between 'encoding' and UTF-16, which is supported by the library
      functions. On Unix there is no such translation. I actually do not
      know what Unix standard specifies what encoding file names are in. It
      might depend on the mounted drive, in which case it may differ per

      - Bram

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