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59218Re: Annoying refolding when using completion and foldmethod=indent

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  • Ben Fritz
    Oct 5, 2010
      On Oct 5, 2:11 am, Haakon Riiser <haakon.rii...@...> wrote:
      > Take the following test.c:
      >   int main()
      >   {
      >       printf("hello, world\n");
      >       return 0;
      >   }
      > Edit this file, and enable foldmethod=indent.  Now, the printf
      > and the return lines are folded.  Then, open the fold, for example
      > using "za", and put the cursor on the printf-line.  Next, press "O"
      > to insert a line above the printf-line.  Finally, press CTRL-P while
      > in insert mode to use keyword completion.
      > What happens for me when I do this is that the fold closes while
      > doing keyword completion.  If I accept a keyword, e.g. by pressing
      > <Return> or <Space>, the fold opens again.

      Try this:


      (don't let the title fool you, it should also keep folds open,
      basically it disables changes in the folds while in insert mode)

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