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  • Ben Fritz
    Oct 4, 2010
      On Oct 3, 12:06 pm, Carlo <carlo.teub...@...> wrote:
      > Sorry, I sent that off too early. To elaborate:
      > * It's built on Google App Engine
      > * It regularly retrieves the latest doc files fromhttp://vim.googlecode.com/hg/runtime/doc/and processes them
      > * The Google custom search it uses doesn't work, presumably since
      > Google hasn't indexed the contents yet
      > Please let me know any feedback. I'm going to hold off advertising its
      > existence more widely (i.e. vim_use list) for now.
      > Bram, let me know if you approve of this or would like any changes to
      > it. Everyone else, hope you like it.

      Compare the main page of vimhelp.appspot.com to the main page of

      I notice that on vimhelp.appspot.com, the CTRL-D, CTRL-T, CTRL-O, etc.
      are all nicely colored, indicating that something is recognized as
      special about them, but that is all. On sourceforge, these are all
      links. Although the sourceforge docs are not colored, I find them more
      useful in this specific case. Is this something that can be fixed?

      You have a good idea of an automatic update mechanism, certainly. I
      find that out-of-data help files online can be very annoying.

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