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58975Re: Building vim72 on z/OS

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  • Dominique Pellé
    Sep 8, 2010
      Dave Griffiths <david.griffiths@...> wrote:

      > Hi, just tried building vim on z/OS as described here:
      > http://vimdoc.sourceforge.net/htmldoc/os_390.html. It fails on
      > compiling regexp:
      > cc -c -I. -Iproto -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -g -D_ALL_SOURCE -o objects/regexp.o
      > regexp.c
      > ERROR CCN3052 ./regexp.c:748   Duplicate case label for value 193.
      > Labels must be unique.
      > ERROR CCN3052 ./regexp.c:754   Duplicate case label for value 195.
      > Labels must be unique.
      > [etc]
      > According to configure it has recognized that this is a z/OS (OS/390)
      > machine.
      > It appears as though it is trying to compile in native ebcdic mode. So
      > when it sees this:
      > case 'A': case '\300': case '\301': case '\302':
      > 'A' in ebcdic is decimal 193, the same as octal 301. Is it intended
      > that vim is compiled using the ebcdic code page?
      > Thanks,
      > Dave

      This code (case 'A': case '\300': case '\301': case '\302':)
      in regex.c is in the #else section of #ifdef EBCDIC.

      On z/OS, I'm pretty sure EBCDIC should be #define/d so
      this line should not even be compiled. Now the question
      is: why EBCDIC is not defined for you?

      What does configure say after...
      checking if character set is EBCDIC...

      Also, which version of Vim are you using? I'm asking because
      your error message gives line regexp.c:748, but for me, using
      the latest version of Vim from Mercurial, the case 'A' (...) is
      at line regexp.c:789.

      You should download the the latest version of Vim (7.3.003)
      since patches for z/OS have been included in version-7.3.
      See ":help version-7.3" which says...

      Add patch to improve support of z/OS (OS/390). (Ralf Schandl)

      -- Dominique

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