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58944doc fix for quickref.txt

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  • Yukihiro Nakadaira
    Sep 1, 2010
      Here is link error.

      diff --git a/runtime/doc/quickref.txt b/runtime/doc/quickref.txt
      --- a/runtime/doc/quickref.txt
      +++ b/runtime/doc/quickref.txt
      @@ -1377,7 +1377,7 @@
      set foldmethod=indent folding by indent
      set foldmethod=expr folding by 'foldexpr'
      set foldmethod=syntax folding by syntax regions
      - set foldmethod=marker folding by 'foldmarkers'
      + set foldmethod=marker folding by 'foldmarker'

      |zf| zf{motion} operator: Define a fold manually
      |:fold| :{range}fold define a fold for {range} lines

      Yukihiro Nakadaira - yukihiro.nakadaira@...

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