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58254Re: [patch] Modern UI upgrade for Vim NSIS installer

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  • Guopeng Wen
    Aug 1 12:50 AM
      On Sun, Aug 1, 2010 at 7:57 AM, Tux <der_tuxman@...> wrote:
      > Guopeng Wen schrob am 31.07.2010 17:34:
      >>    When should installer do if it found Vim has already installed?
      >>    Vim instance still running?
      > I would propose a message box that tells the user to exit Vim first and
      > continues the installation after clicking "OK" or something. It would be
      > the easiest way IMO.

      See my reply to Tony.

      > BTW while you're at it, what about a better sidebar banner? The existing
      > one looks rather boring. I'm not really good with GFX, but maybe someone
      > from this list could do it.

      That's the pristine banner from NSIS. Yes it's better to use a
      banner for Vim. I'm not good at artwork either, so, I'm expecting
      other talented guys to create one to be used in the installer.



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