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58253Re: [patch] Modern UI upgrade for Vim NSIS installer

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  • Guopeng Wen
    Aug 1, 2010
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      Resend, previous reply send to Tony only. Sorry to the duplicated
      message, Tony.

      On Sun, Aug 1, 2010 at 7:22 AM, Tony Mechelynck
      <antoine.mechelynck@...> wrote:
      > On 31/07/10 17:34, Guopeng Wen wrote:
      >> On 07/31/2010 10:46 PM, Tony Mechelynck wrote:
      >>> Hm, I'm not concerned (since I'm on Linux), but it seems to go in the
      >>> opposite direction to Steve Hall's "one-click" installer.
      >>> What about a first page with two radio buttons:
      >>> (*) Standard install
      >>> ( ) Custom install
      >>> ? The first option would install Vim with "typical" settings (and
      >>> sufficiently powerful to let the user customize it later via vimrc
      >>> etc.), bypassing all those menus of yours, which would appear if the
      >>> user selects "Custom install"?
      >>> Best regards,
      >>> Tony.
      >> Hmmm, "one-click" is not powerful enough, how about "no-click" :)
      >> You just brought up another topic I'm trying to touch. NSIS
      >> installer is in fact quite flexible - it can be executed "silently".
      >> That is, slap some control parameters on command line, it can run
      >> from beginning to end. Well, it cannot happen automatically, you
      >> need to do something in the script to make that happen. It's used
      >> for mass installation, which is apparently appealing to Linux users
      >> who also use Windows (like me). Silent installer is in fact one of
      >> the TODO item of Vim. Does it sound like what you expected?
      >> Here's some of design issues I have not decided yet:
      >> - Control granularity?
      >> Just let user specifies installation type, or makes it possible to
      >> specify which component to install (needs config file for this).
      >> I think installation type should probably be OK.
      >> - Error handing?
      >> When should installer do if it found Vim has already installed?
      >> Vim instance still running? I think the dumb solution should be
      >> use - just panic and abort.
      >> - Log?
      >> I have not tried that yet. Apparently some kind of log should be
      >> create during silent installation, so the user can check if
      >> something go wrong. However, it seems default build of NSIS has
      >> not enabled logging. You need a custom build to enable that.
      >> Feedbacks are welcomed.
      > If Vim is already installed, not running, and lower version (or same version
      > and lower patchlevel), maybe no panic but default to upgrade? (if different
      > version, leave the "old" $VIMRUNTIME in place? Remove it? Let the user
      > decide?)
      > If already running, then clear error message: something like "Vim is already
      > running. Please quit Vim before upgrading" or similar. Or if possible (if
      > the running instance has +clientserver) maybe close the existing Vim by
      > means of the client-server facility (after asking user's permission)

      Sorry I didn't make it clear that those "design issues" I listed
      above are for silent mode only. For normal mode, the installer
      behaves mostly like what you described, except that it won't close
      any open Vim automatically, which I think is too dangerous to do.
      Silent mode is different in that you should not ask for any user
      feedback once started.

      > If at all possible, IMHO a log should be produced for every installation,
      > silent or otherwise (and if the logfile already exists, append to it, maybe
      > with a datestamp first to separate successive logs).

      I agree install log is a nice thing to have. There's a few
      approaches to do it, but most of them needs whoever build Vim
      installer do something different (a custom build of NSIS, or add
      more plugins). I'll check if there's less intrusive way to do it.

      > Best regards,
      > Tony.


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