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57272Re: Progress indicator for :TOhtml command

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  • Benjamin Fritz
    Jun 7, 2010
      On Sun, Jun 6, 2010 at 5:10 AM, ZyX <zyx.vim@...> wrote:
      > Yes, buffer switching is the problem: attached patch uses my technique (save
      > everything in a list, not in a buffer) and here are the results:
      > My script:
      > 1:05,09 w/o progress
      > 1:08,40 ShowProgress=1
      > 1:20,59 ShowProgress=2
      > Your 2html:
      > 1:19,67 w/o progress
      > 1:44,74 with progress
      > Patched 2html:
      > 1:03,51 w/o progress
      > 1:05,08 with progress

      Very nice. This is a huge performance boost, and the times are similar
      with and without the progress bar even with my big 33000 line C file
      which I used previously.

      I think it's about ready now. I've added another progress bar for the
      time taken to collect fold information for dynamic folding, and
      corrected a few minor bugs in the patch related to dynamic folding. I
      did end up adding back in a :sleep to the class processing loop, but I
      reduced the time it sleeps. I'm certainly open to removing this.

      I've attached the whole file so we don't get into a "which patches do
      I need?" quagmire.

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