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57212Re: easy way to purge 'persistence undo'?

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  • Dominique PellĂ©
    Jun 5, 2010
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      Ben Fritz wrote:

      > I only recently started using undo branches, thanks to my discovery of
      > the histwin plugin:
      > http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2932
      > With :earlier 1file being available, which would probably involve
      > appropriate (parseable) markers, I imagine this plugin could readily
      > be expanded to show these file tags, giving you even more information
      > to help determine what state the times on the branches actually
      > correspond to.

      I find the undo branches very nice but also hard to use in practice.
      I tend to get lost where I am in the tree when using :undo or :earlier
      commands. Currently, the ":undolist" command only shows something
      like this:

      number changes time
      1 15 08:53:07
      5 18 08:53:20
      7 14 08:53:29

      Would it be possible to draw the structure of the undo tree?
      What about the following mock up (use a fixed size font to properly
      view the ASCII art):

      number changes time
      1 15 08:53:07 <--3--o-------------12-->
      5 18 08:53:20 \--1--S-------14-->
      7 14 08:53:29 \--8--*--2-->

      < ... is a root node in the tree. There is generally only 1 root node
      as in above example. However, because of limited undo levels,
      there can also be more than root node.
      o ... is a node in the undo tree from which multiple sub-branches start.
      \ ... is the start of a sub-branch.
      > ... is a leaf node in the undo tree.
      S ... is the tag of node where file was last (S)aved.
      * ... is the current position in the undo tree. It is often located on
      a leaf. However, when using :undo or :earlier commands, it may not
      be located on a leaf. In above example, user has undone 2 changes
      from the leaf in last branch so * is not located on a leaf.

      The numbers represent the number of intermediate changes between
      nodes o \ > S * in undo tree.

      I realize that drawing the undo tree may be tricky when the undo tree
      becomes large: it may then not fit on the width of the screen. In that
      case, it could be truncated.

      It would make the undo tree structure more intuitive.
      What do you think?

      -- Dominique

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