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57210Re: easy way to purge 'persistence undo'?

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  • Ben Fritz
    Jun 4, 2010
      On Jun 4, 2:07 pm, Ingo Karkat <sw...@...> wrote:
      > On 03-Jun-2010 20:48, Dominique Pell wrote:
      > > I see an item added recently on the todo list which would also be useful:
      > > - undofile: keep markers where the file was written/read, so that it's easy to
      > >    go back to a saved version of the file  ":earlier 1file"?
      > Though some may object that this makes Vim further encroach on the territory of
      > a proper Revision Control System, I would find such a movement along saved file
      > versions very useful. So far, I've been using my writebackup.vim plugin [1] for
      > such short-term temporary versions. +1 from me for :earlier 1file

      I only recently started using undo branches, thanks to my discovery of
      the histwin plugin:


      With :earlier 1file being available, which would probably involve
      appropriate (parseable) markers, I imagine this plugin could readily
      be expanded to show these file tags, giving you even more information
      to help determine what state the times on the branches actually
      correspond to.

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