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57206Re: easy way to purge 'persistence undo'?

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  • Ben Fritz
    Jun 4, 2010
      On Jun 3, 1:48 pm, Dominique Pellé <dominique.pe...@...> wrote:
      > I'm not sure how useful it is to be able to purge undo history anyway.
      > I don't think I would need to do that.  What I would find more
      > useful, when performing multiple undos with persistent-undo, is to
      > display a message such as:
      > "undo reached state where file was last read/written"
      > ... so that user is warned when doing multiple undos that it can
      > go back in time earlier than when file was last read/written if he
      > continues to undo.
      > I see an item added recently on the todo list which would also be useful:
      > - undofile: keep markers where the file was written/read, so that it's easy to
      >   go back to a saved version of the file  ":earlier 1file"?

      I would also need such a feature. I will often either hold down 'u' or
      use :earlier 24h or whatever, to return to the state of the buffer
      when I started editing.

      I do think that purging the undo history could be useful in some
      situations. If it is complicated to do (using a function as shown in
      this thread), we should probably put an example of how to do it in
      the :help or add a command to do it.

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