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57204Re: Progress indicator for :TOhtml command

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  • Benjamin Fritz
    Jun 3, 2010
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      On Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 3:18 PM, Christian Brabandt <cblists@...> wrote:
      > Try the attached version:
      > - Check for +float
      > - Should work better with smaller window sizes
      > - Make the progressbar for the attribute processing slightly slower
      >  (it was too fast, to notice it)
      > - small enhancements to how the progressbar works and how it displays.
      > - don't show any content from the html window

      More tweaks. This one is about twice as fast as Christian's, which it
      accomplishes by only redrawing when the progress bar has changed

      Question: Christian's version calls :redrawstatus on the original
      window, but the new window is updated perfectly fine. :help
      :redrawstatus seems to indicate that only the current window will be
      redrawn unless the ! is given. What gives?

      Regardless, I have fixed the above issue and made a couple more minor
      fixes, including getting the entire title to display on my teensy
      laptop screen.

      This version is still not fast enough though. It is about 30% slower
      when the progress bar is enabled than when it is disabled. While I
      consider it a good tradeoff in most cases, we could certainly make it

      It would probably be faster to pre-calculate the line numbers needed
      to advance the progress bar rather than doing a bunch of
      floating-point math every cycle.

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