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57187Re: Progress indicator for :TOhtml command

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  • Benjamin Fritz
    Jun 2, 2010
      On Wed, Jun 2, 2010 at 8:55 AM, Ben Fritz <fritzophrenic@...> wrote:
      > It appears I have
      > something in my Vim setup that slows things down enough, or redraws
      > the window, or something, that causes the status lines to appear when
      > normally they would not.
      > Any ideas? I don't see anything suspicious in my usual Buf/Win Enter/
      > Leave autocmds:

      Found it. I have the following in my .vimrc:

      " Highlight trailing whitespace, unless it is being entered now
      autocmd WinEnter,VimEnter *
      \ if !exists('w:created') |
      \ call matchadd('WhitespaceError','\S\@<=\s\+\%#\@<!$') |
      \ endif
      " necessary to have it highlight a just-entered trailing space
      autocmd InsertLeave * redraw!

      The InsertLeave command is triggering because 2html works using
      normal! a... commands. I have the autocmd because of the following
      text in :help /\%# :

      WARNING: When the cursor is moved after the pattern was used, the
      result becomes invalid. Vim doesn't automatically update the matches.
      This is especially relevant for syntax highlighting and 'hlsearch'.
      In other words: When the cursor moves the display isn't updated for
      this change. An update is done for lines which are changed (the whole
      line is updated) or when using the |CTRL-L| command (the whole screen
      is updated).

      So anyway, it looks like we need to do the redrawstatus. It would be
      easiest to just use redrawstatus! right after calling the incr
      function. I wonder how much of a performance impact this has? If it is
      significant, we should probably call it only sometimes, perhaps after
      a progress bar position update (which would mean the number of
      processed lines would not be updated in real-time on large files). Any

      It appears we also need to ignore some events; at least BufEnter,
      WinEnter, InsertEnter, BufLeave, WinLeave, and InsertLeave. Syntax
      seems like a good idea as well, but then we'd want to do the syntax
      highlight when done, so perhaps we can leave this one in. Thoughts on
      this? Is this really needed as part of the same patch or would this be
      a future, performance-enhancing-only, patch?

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