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57166Re: Progress indicator for :TOhtml command

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  • Yongwei Wu
    May 31, 2010
      On 1 June 2010 04:47, Benjamin Fritz <fritzophrenic@...> wrote:
      > I love using the :TOhtml command, and I keep finding more ways to use
      > it. Recently, I had a large-ish log file (several thousand lines), in
      > which I wanted to call attention to a few groups of lines, but I
      > figured people may want the context as well. So, I set up some folds
      > and some quick syntax highlighting, and went to go create an html copy
      > of it using the "dynamic folding" feature of the command.
      > Unfortunately, I discovered that processing such a large file, even
      > with no syntax highlighting, takes a *very* long time. I probably
      > should have selected just a smaller area of interest but...
      > I waited quite a while, and finally hit CTRL-C to stop it. Luckily it
      > hadn't actually gotten that far (probably about 30%), but I was
      > worried that it may have been almost done, and all I needed to do was
      > wait a bit longer.
      > So anyway, for future use, I wanted to be able to see quickly whether
      > the conversion was worth waiting for. Therefore, I have written a
      > patch to add a progress indicator. When I opened the file, I noticed
      > that indentation is quite a mess (a mix of tabs and spaces, sometimes
      > in the same line), so I also fixed that up (by using gg=G with noet,
      > sw=2, sts=2, and ts=2). For clarity, I ran the diff on the file
      > *after* fixing the ident.
      > Since the indentation patch is actually *larger* than the file itself,
      > I have just attached the fully patched file instead of a patch. This
      > will also make it easier for Windows users to try :-)
      > Please comment...especially if you know of a better way to accomplish
      > something similar. I tried using :echon to draw the progress bar, but
      > the echo was being cleared each time through the main loop, so I
      > switched to using :echo with a string that is gradually built as the
      > script processes.

      I tried it on Windows, and the display was too flashy and intrusive.
      I can't say I like it.

      And there was nothing to "fix" about the tabs. They were perfectly
      fine. Tabstop was set to the default (8), and only shiftwidth was set
      to 2 (along with sts, which does not affect the saved file). You
      seemed to have confused them. The original version is easier to view
      (using type/cat/more/less or nearly anything).

      Wu Yongwei
      URL: http://wyw.dcweb.cn/

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