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56988Git clone of the Vim Mercurial repo

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  • björn
    May 23, 2010

      I have set up a Git clone of the Vim Mercurial repo here [1] (complete
      with instructions on how this was done [2]).

      Why have I done this and won't this complicate things with yet another

      Let me try to answer the second question first. Thanks to the hg-git
      extension it is possible to perform lossless conversions hg <-> git so
      this repository really is just a clone of the hg repo. If anybody
      else were to go through the steps in [2] they'd end up with a
      repository with identical commit IDs. It is possible to clone [1]
      using Mercurial or even pull select commits from [1] into a hg repo
      that was a clone of Bram's hg repo. What I am trying to say is: this
      really is just a clone of Bram's hg repo but in Git format so there is
      no extra complication - it provides a way for people to use Git
      instead of Mercurial when working on Vim.

      As for the first question: I created this Git clone so that I myself
      may use Git when working on MacVim. Anybody else using Git is welcome
      to pull from it, or even set up their own Git clone using the
      instructions [2].

      There is one downside to pulling from [1] for your Vim development,
      namely that it won't get updated immediately whenever Bram updates his
      Mercurial repo. I have to manually fetch new changesets and push them
      to the Git repo. If you'd rather avoid this delay but still use Git,
      just set up your own Git clone [2]. Since the commit IDs will be the
      same it is possible to push/pull from other people's Git clones even
      if they've set up their own.

      I hope some other people will find this information useful.


      P.S. If somebody on this list knows a better way to update the repo
      than the method outlined in [2] please let me know (as it is I have to
      manually delete/re-add all bookmarks after a fetch in order for any
      new changesets to be pushed).

      [1] http://github.com/b4winckler/vim
      [2] http://wiki.github.com/b4winckler/vim/

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