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56480Re: Why is there no :foldupdate?

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  • Christian Brabandt
    Apr 3, 2010
      Hi Tony!

      On Sa, 03 Apr 2010, Tony Mechelynck wrote:

      > On 31/03/10 23:27, Christian Brabandt wrote:
      >> Note, how the folding will be wrong, after the second search command
      >> (and I have found no way to refresh the folding. zx and zX do not work,
      >> though its description led me believe it could have. Well actually I
      >> found one way: filtering the whole buffer through cat will also update
      >> the folding)

      > Doesn't this patch duplicate the already existing zx command?

      Please read again, what I already wrote ;)

      Should zx or zX maybe be changed to update the folds?


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