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56479Re: Why is there no :foldupdate?

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Apr 2, 2010
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      On 31/03/10 23:27, Christian Brabandt wrote:
      > (fullquote, because copying vim_dev)
      > On Mi, 31 Mär 2010, Christian Brabandt wrote:
      >> Hi,
      >> sometimes I am using fold expressions to simply hide away unwanted
      >> parts. Usually this boils down to
      >> :set fdm=expr fde=getline(v:lnum)!~getreg('/',1)
      >> While this works fine, it is only limited to whatever was in register @/
      >> when this setting was entered. Now this leaves an interesting question:
      >> When are 'foldexpr' reevaluated (are they at all)? Reading :h fold.txt
      >> does not mentioned when the fold expressions are reevaluated and folds
      >> are updated (or I might have missed it).
      >> Now the obvious cure to this is to reenter the foldexpression. So if I
      >> am searching for a different term, I need to enter
      >> :set fde=getline(v:lnum)!~getreg('/',1)
      >> and the folds will be updated.
      >> Of course, I could define my own :Foldupdate like this:
      >> :com! Foldupdate :exe "set fde=".&fde
      >> But this looks so fundamental, that I am wondering, whether I am the
      >> only one who is missing :foldupdate. Does anybody else think so? Or am I
      >> missing something obvious?
      >> PS: Looking at the source, it does not seem too hard, to define an extra
      >> :foldupdate command. Does that sound like a reasonable idea? I could
      >> prepare a patch for this, if there is interest.
      >> regards,
      >> Christian
      >> (Actually, I'd really like an RegisterChanged autocommand event, which
      >> could trigger an :foldupdate)
      > Ok, here is a patch, that implements :foldupdate as ex command and zU as
      > normal mode command.
      > Here is the testcase:
      > go to the vim-Src directory and execute the attached vim-script:
      > chrisbra t41:~/vim/src [1296]% ./vim -u NONE -N -S foldupdate.vim eval.c
      > Note, how the folding will be wrong, after the second search command
      > (and I have found no way to refresh the folding. zx and zX do not work,
      > though its description led me believe it could have. Well actually I
      > found one way: filtering the whole buffer through cat will also update
      > the folding)
      > When recompiling vim with the patch, the folding will be updated, when
      > :foldupdate is called.
      > regards,
      > Christian

      Doesn't this patch duplicate the already existing zx command?

      If it does, and you can't remember it, I suggest the following ;-)

      :command -nargs=0 -bar Foldupdate normal zx

      Best regards,
      Any clod can have the facts, but having an opinion is an art.
      -- Charles McCabe

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