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55750Re: [patch] has("win64") returns 0 in 64-bit Vim

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  • Sergey Khorev
    Jan 5, 2010

      > In many places in the code _WIN64 is checked for, but the list for has()
      > uses WIN64.
      > Perhaps we should change them all to WIN64 to be consistent with WIN32,
      > and then define WIN64 in vim.h when _WIN64 is defined.

      That will be inconsistent with WIN32 because it is defined in Makefile :)
      What about changing all occurrences of _WIN64 to WIN64 and defining
      WIN64 in makefile?

      On second thought, I don't like either ways. It seems more consistent
      to change the single occurrence of WIN64 in eval.c to _WIN64. Anyway,
      64-bit binary returns 1 for has("win32") so we don't have to make
      WIN64 to behave like another WIN32.

      Sergey Khorev
      Can anybody think of a good tagline I can steal?
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