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55657Re: The list on vim-patches page

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  • Tom Link
    Dec 16, 2009
      > The procedure is straightforward: Bram M decides whether a patch goes
      > into the vim source.

      When I asked Bram about that particular patch he said that there were
      some problems with it and that he waited for a new version that solves
      these issues. These problems were reported by the author of the patch,
      which IIRC was originally written for version 7.0. Back then, this
      sounded reasonable to me because I've seen those very same error
      messages the author has reported. But I've seen those messages also
      with an unpatched version of vim and I haven't got one of those
      messages after some "regular" patch to the 7.0 source base. Ever since
      the patch has worked flawlessly for me and I personally don't think
      it's totally out of question (but that's just a personal theory/
      hypothesis) that those error messages where a problem of a vanilla vim
      7.0 rather than a problem of the patch.

      Anyway, there seems to be no way to report success/failures with
      certain patches in a systematic manner that would allow Bram to get an
      adequate overview of how many people use a certain patch with which
      version (incl patch level) of vim and how many of those people
      experience problems that can be reproduced so that we know for sure
      that the problem is actually caused by the patch etc. Otherwise the
      patch authors (I didn't contribute a patch so this is just another
      "personal theory") probably get frustrated, they abandon vim, they
      stop maintaining their patches with the consequence that their patches
      are likely to quickly become unusable since the development of vim


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