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55654Re: The list on vim-patches page

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  • Charles Campbell
    Dec 16, 2009
      Tom Link wrote:
      >> It would help if the items listed on the "vim-patches" page mentioned any restrictions on OShttp://groups.google.com/group/vim_dev/web/vim-patches
      > BTW what is the procedure to determine whether these patches are ever
      > included in vim?

      The procedure is straightforward: Bram M decides whether a patch goes
      into the vim source. He has some voting going on for different features
      if you contribute to the Kibaale Children's Centre charity.
      > Since some of these patches were written for older
      > versions of vim, there is a danger that they won't be applicable to
      > future versions of vim. But unless they aren't included in the next
      > beta version, they probably will never be tested by a sufficiently
      > large number of users.

      Vince Negri's conceal patch has undergone several modification cycles to
      accommodate new versions of vim, as an example of this difficulty.
      Presumably others could update some patch they're interested in and make
      that update available as yet-another-patch. This process could end up
      making a mess on vim-patches, though.

      Chip Campbell

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