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55653Re: The list on vim-patches page

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  • Tom Link
    Dec 16, 2009
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      > It would help if the items listed on the "vim-patches" page mentioned any restrictions on OShttp://groups.google.com/group/vim_dev/web/vim-patches%c2%a0

      BTW what is the procedure to determine whether these patches are ever
      included in vim? Since some of these patches were written for older
      versions of vim, there is a danger that they won't be applicable to
      future versions of vim. But unless they aren't included in the next
      beta version, they probably will never be tested by a sufficiently
      large number of users.

      One reason I ask is because of patch 15 "Correctly indent wrapped
      lines". I sometimes have to work with an unpatched version of vim and
      I really miss the options provided by that patch. I know of the
      reports that other people had problems with that patch when applied to
      the vim sources that includes all recent patches. It works perfectly
      well with my version though and I wasn't able to reproduce those


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