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55621Re: Bug on FreeBSD 5.4

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  • JD
    Dec 9, 2009
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      On Dec 9, 6:08 pm, Christian Brabandt <cbli...@...> wrote:
      > Hi JD!
      > On Mi, 09 Dez 2009, JD wrote:
      > > This is what i get with verbose mode (-V8):http://dpaste.com/131416/
      > > After line 266 (the last line), that's when vim hangs eating all my
      > > CPU.
      > "(perl -e "print join(q/,/,@INC)") >/tmp/vnfCwnV/0 2>&1
      > So what happens, if you execute
      > :echo system("perl -e "print join(q/,/,@INC)")?
      > what if you do :echo system("echo foobar")?
      > And what are your shellsettings? Try setting shellxquote or shellquote
      > and try resetting shellredir to >
      > regards,
      > Christian

      When i run: :echo system("perl -e "print join(q/,/,@INC)"), i get:
      E116: Invalid arguments for function system("perl -e "print join
      E15: Invalid expression: system("perl -e "print join(q/,/,@INC)")

      When i run: :echo system("echo foobar"), Vim hangs using all my CPU.

      My shellsettings in the beginning (when running the commands above and
      getting the above result) are/were:
      shellquote= (nothing)
      shellxquote= (nothing)
      shellredir=>%s 2>&1

      I changed them to:

      and ran the 2 commands above and got the same results again.
      Just as a note, doing "echo foobar" in the actual shell works just

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